Biological Methanation

Bio E-Fuel technology

Biogasclean has together with one of the world’s largest producers of biogas and two universities developed a Power-To-G project called Bio E-Fuel. E-Fuel will enable biogas plants – from the same amount of organic input – to increase their production of green gas by up to 78%!

The E-Fuel technology is based on the same technology we use for desulfurization, but with other bacteria and operating conditions. In the E-Fuel reactor CO2 and H2 is converted to CH4. Methane can substitute natural gas and be used for decentralized heat and power production or injected into the natural gas grid. Methane can also be compressed to Bio CNG for heavy trucks or cooled down and liquified to Bio LNG for ships. Furthermore, methane can be processed to green fuel for aircrafts and green plastic for the industry in a GLT (Gas-To-Liquid) plant.

The Bio E-Fuel technology can be applied everywhere where you have a CO2 source. However, biogas plants represent the lowest hanging fruit because the CO2 flow and the infrastructure for methane production are already available. Biogas typically consists of 55-60% CH4 and 40-45% CO2. With Bio E-Fuel biogas plants can increase the methane content in biogas to +97-98%, i.e. the biogas production increases by up to 78%!

While biogas production and the associated H2S removal is already an established and fast-growing industry methanation of CO2 (carbon dioxide) with H2 (hydrogen) to CH4 (methane) is still awaiting implementation of regulatory framework for Power-To-G. Biogasclean will in summer 2023 start operation of its first full scale Bio E-Fuel plant.

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Please contact us if you need an efficient solution for desulfurization or methanation of biogas or CO2. We can help you for any flow of biogas or CO2 flow and H2S load no matter if your project is greenfield or refurbishment of an existing plant. We will be happy to share our experience with you and find an optimal solution for your needs.

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