Biogasclean is a world leader in biological desulfurization of biogas

We contribute to the transformation from fossils fuels to renewable energy by innovative and efficient production of biogas.


100% biological
no chemicals

Why destroy the green image of biogas with chemical desulfurization? We can do the job without ferric chloride, caustic soda, iron sponge or activated carbon.


Our H2S removal systems operate efficient and robust and we give performance guarantees on all projects.


The availabilty – the uptime – of a Biogasclean system exceeds 98%.

operating costs

Just comparing alternative technologies on CAPEX doesn’t make sense – when you include OPEX for the lifetime of your project biological H2S removal is much more cost effective than chemical gas cleaning.

We eliminate odors and corrosion from biogas on both CHP and RNG projects

Biogasclean can handle any biogas flow and sulfur load without use of chemicals. We have five biological H2S removal systems to choose from. 

Biogasclean has a solid track record

We have at present more than +295 plants in operation or under construction in 40 countries. Biogasclean supplies clean gas to +600 MW gas engines and boilers and removes sulfur from +20 biogas upgrading units.

Lundsby Biogas, Vinkel, Denmark

2,700 m³/h (1,588 scfm) off-gas from upgrading with 6,700 ppm H2S.

Nature Energy, Maanson, Denmark

600 m³/h (352 scfm) off-gas from upgrading with 7,500 ppm H2S.

Thai Bev, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

600 m³/h (352 scfm) biogas with 8,000 ppm H2S.

KSL Green Innovation, Boploy, Thailand

3,000 m³/h (1,764 scfm) biogas with
20,000 ppm H2S.

The advantages of biological H2S removal

The H2S removal process is 100% free of chemicals and OPEX are only 10-20% of chemical gas cleaning systems. The only residue from the process is a sulfur rich fertilizer which is recycled together with the treated wastewater supplementing or replacing industrial fertilizer.

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We look forward to meeting you

Please contact us if you need an efficient solution for desulfurization of biogas. We can help you for any biogas flow and H2S load and no matter if your project is greenfield or refurbishment of an existing plant. We will be happy to share our experience with you. Together, we will find the optimal solution for your biogas plant.


Thorkil Dahlgreen
Founder of Biogasclean

Peter Thygesen
CTO and COO Biogasclean

Jesper Hørlyk-Jensen
Sales Director

Ho Vooi Toc
Sales Manager South
East Asia