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About Biogasclean

Biogasclean is a global leading supplier of biological systems for desulphurisation and methanation of biogas and CO2. With more than 15 years of experience, we develop, manufacture and supply fully automated gas cleaning systems without  chemical consumption -combining low operating costs with high availability.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Odense, Denmark, Biogasclean has over 40 employees across Denmark, Thailand, Malaysia, USA and Brazil. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Bangkok, Thailand. As of 2024, we have over 350 systems in operation or under construction in 40+ countries across the globe.

Biogasclean is part of the CycleØ Group, a leading biomethane platform that develops, builds, owns and operates RNG projects.

Meet our team

Executive Management

Learn more about our Executive Management

Management Group

Learn more about our Management Group

Executive Management

The Executive Management comprises Niels Holst Jensen, CEO, Thorkil Dahlgreen, Founder & CCO, Peter Thygesen, CINO, and Jesper Hørlyk-Jensen, CSO.

Niels Holst Jensen

Niels Holst Jensen is CEO, Chief Executive Officer. Niels joined Biogasclean in 2021 as COO, Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the worldwide operations in Biogasclean. He is an experienced Supply Chain & Operations Executive, who has held several jobs for a variety of high-tech companies in his previous career. Niels’ background and education is from mechanical engineering and the marine industry.

Email: nielshj@biogasclean.com
Tel: +45 6617 2177

Thorkil Dahlgreen

Thorkil Dahlgreen founded Biogasclean in December 2008 and is now CCO, Chief Commercial Officer. Thorkil was until end of 2022 the company’s CEO. Thorkil has a long experience in start-ups and has earlier founded and managed companies within wind power and auto guidance of tractors and agricultural implements. Thorkil has also been Chairman for The Danish Windmill Industry.

Email: td@biogasclean.com
Tel: +45 6617 2177

Peter Thygesen

Peter Thygesen is CINO, Chief Innovation Officer. Peter has been responsible for R&D since the start of the company and became shareholder in 2009. Peter has been involved in biogas plant operation, technical consulting, sales and R & D in the biogas industry since 1990.

Email: pt@biogasclean.com
Tel: + 66 2395 1157

Jesper Hørlyk-Jensen

Jesper Hørlyk-Jensen is CSO, Chief Sales Officer. Jesper joined Biogasclean in 2019 as Project Manager. Jesper has previously worked at one of the world’s leading suppliers of amine upgrading technology and has solid experience from numerous RNG projects. Jesper holds a BSc. in Technology, Management and Marine Engineering.

Email: jesperhj@biogasclean.com
Tel: + 45 6617 2177

Management Group

Furthermore, the Management Group comprises the following managers:

Lars Northeved

Lars Northeved joined Biogasclean in 2023 as CTO, Chief Technology Officer. Lars comes with extensive leadership and technology knowledge as he previously has held CIO and Engineering Management positions for several infrastructure- and process engineering companies. Lars holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Email: larsn@biogasclean.com
Tel: +45 2372 4431

Richard Riel

Richard Riel is CFO, Chief Financial Officer. Richard is a trained accountant and has worked as such for 12 years. For the past +30 years, he has worked as CFO in a number of small and medium-sized Danish companies in a wide range of industries. Richard has experience in trade, production and project production.

Morten Mosevang Pedersen

Morten Mosevang Pedersen joined Biogasclean in 2021 as Head of Projects Europe and Americas. Morten has previously worked as Project Manager and Sales Manager at one of the world’s leading suppliers of amine upgrading technology and biomethane liquifaction and has solid experience from numerous RNG projects. Morten holds a BSc. in Technology Management and Marine Engineering.

Morten Bøgelund

Morten Bøgelund joined Biogasclean in 2021 as Service Manager for Europe and Americas. Morten has previously worked with marine engineering, automation systems and factory maintenance worldwide. Morten has solid experience within installation, programming and troubleshooting. Morten has a background as electrician and holds a degree in Marine Engineering.

Channarong Lunsakaewong

Channarong Lunsakaewong joined Biogasclean in 2013 as Production Coordinator and is now Production Manager. Channarong has previously worked at biogas plants in Thailand. Channarong holds a BSc. in Electrical Engineering and a MSc. in Energy Management Engineering.

Sookjai Piyakapho

Sookjai Piyakapho is Service Manager for Asia. Sookjai joined Biogasclean in 2011 as a Commissioning Engineer. Sookjai has previously worked with various compressors, chillers, petrochemical and oil & gas and food & beverage machinery. Sookjai has solid experience from combining Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical and Biological know-how and knowledge. Sookjai holds BSc. in Electrical Engineering and a MSc. in General Management.

Jorge Vinicius Neto

Jorge Vinicius Neto is General Manager of Biogasclean Brasil Ltda. He has worked for Biogasclean since 2014 as Regional Manager for Latin America. Jorge has more than 10 years of experience in high H2S biogas projects, especially in the sugarcane industry. Jorge holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Energy Planning.

Email: jorge.vsn@biogasclean.com
Tel: +55 19 991 120 266

Ho Vooi Toc

Ho Vooi Toc joined Biogasclean in 2015 as Sales Manager for Asia. He lives in Malaysia and has held business development, sales, service and project roles in the last 25 years within the energy & power sector in Malaysia. Ho holds a MSc. in Engineering Business Management.

Email: ho.vt@biogasclean.com
Tel: +60 12 324 2665