Biogasclean QSR

  • The popular choice. This type is for smaller and larger H2S loads. We manufacture fiberglass tanks in several countries to reduce transportation costs.
  • The PTU – the Process Technique Unit – is the engine room and contains PLC controller board, circulation pump, air blower, valves, flow meters and – if required – also heating system installed in a custom built open or closed fiberglass container. If the PTU is closed there is also a gas detector system.
  • The process tank is manufactured in high quality fiberglass and supplied with a grating so it is possible to inspect the tank underneath the packing media. The tank is supplied with ladder and handrail and – if required – also with insulation. The tank is so strong that it can be filled with water.
  • The packing media is manufactured in plastic and can be cleaned inside the tank with the QSR® – Quick Sludge Removal – system. This will reduce downtime and increase revenues.

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Please contact us if you need an efficient solution for desulfurization of biogas. We can help you for any biogas flow and H2S load and no matter if your project is greenfield or refurbishment of an existing plant. We will be happy to share our experience with you. Together, we will find the optimal solution for your biogas plant.


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